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Confidentiality Policy.

Your Data Matters To Us!

Cowinchan Farm & Food Hub recognizes the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of personal information. We are committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality, accuracy, and security of the personal information we hold. This Privacy Policy outlines how we manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy.

What is “personal information”?

Personal information is any information that identifies you, or by which your identity could be deduced. Personal information includes, without limitation, a person’s name, address, telephone number, age, gender, family and marital status, credit rating, credit card information, identification numbers (e.g. driver’s license number) assets, and liabilities.

Why do we collect personal information from you?

We collect personal information to:
  • respond to questions concerning my services;
  • provide customers with information about my marketing and promotional activities and advise them of new services, products, and website information;
  • administer promotional contests and games;
We collect information only by lawful and fair means and not indiscriminately. We do not collect, use or disclose your personal information without your consent, except where authorized or required by law. We do not sell your personal information.


Consent for the collection, use, and/or disclosure of personal information may be obtained orally or in writing and may be expressly given or implied. In determining how we obtain your consent,  we will take into account the sensitivity of the personal information about you that we are collecting, using, and/or disclosing.

Use of Information

When we use your personal information to include you in any of my direct marketing activities, we will assume that you have consented to such ongoing use unless you specifically advise otherwise. If you let us know that you no longer wish to receive information about our goods or services, we will not use your personal information to send you any further material. To let us know that you no longer wish to receive information about our services and products, please contact us at or

Updating Your Information

Since we use your personal information to provide services to you, it is important that the information be accurate and up-to-date. If, during the course of our relationship with us, any of your information changes, please inform us so that we can continue to provide you with my services.

Is your personal information secure?

Cowinchan Farm & Food Hub takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Only we have access to your information. We retain your information only as long as required for the purpose for which it was collected and for any legal or regulatory requirements. The steps taken to protect your information include:
  • Premises security;
  • Restricted access to personal information stored electronically;
  • Technological safeguards like security software encryption and firewalls to prevent hacking or unauthorized computer access;
  • Internal password and security policies.

Access to Your Personal Information.

You may ask for access to any personal information we hold about you. Summary information is available upon request. More detailed requests that require archival or other retrieval costs may be subject to a minimal fee to recoup the costs involved.

Correcting Errors.

If Cowinchan Farm & Food Hub holds information about you and if you can establish that it is not accurate, complete, and up-to-date, Cowichan Farm & Food Hub will take reasonable steps to correct or eliminate such information as appropriate.

Can you be denied access to your personal information?

Your rights to access your personal information are not absolute. We may deny access when:
  • denial of access is required or authorized by law;
  • granting you access would have an unreasonable impact on other people’s privacy;
  • denial of access is reasonable to protect my business’ property rights; or
  • the request is clearly unreasonable or frivolous.
If we deny your request for access to or refuse a request to correct information, I shall explain why.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We keep your personal information as long as it is reasonably necessary for us to complete our dealings with you, or as may be required by law, whichever is longer.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Since Cowinchan Farm & Food Hub regularly reviews all of its policies and procedures, we may change our Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. Please direct your privacy questions comments or requests to: or, or +1 (250) 597.8200